Chuck’s Bio

Chuck Barone


Head Schmuckatelli

Chuck Barone is originally from Buffalo, New York. He moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1975 and has been a resident ever since.

Chuck began his Las Vegas career working in the casino industry as a young man.  He graduated to finance and sales where he flourished in the numbers and sales game.

Chuck entered the Mortgage Industry as a Broker/Loan Officer in the early 2000s.  During that time he experienced great success throughout that era of a housing boom.  Despite the crash of 2008, Chuck successfully survived one of the hardest moments in the Mortgage Industry in one of the hardest-hit markets.

Chuck is a self-made man; having adapted to the many changes in one of the fastest-changing cities in the world.

When Chuck is not busy making money and watching the market, he is a dedicated family man, an avid reader, and heavily involved in the community.

Join him every weekday, after the close of the market, for his take on the current events in the world of finance.

Chuck BaroneCity Manager, Prepper